The Active Gamers Program

Team building, fitness and health for video gamers 11-17 years

about us

The Active Gamers program is an innovative new holiday program that combines video gaming and esports with physical fitness, healthy eating and team work. Our program is open to kids aged 11-17 years old.

  • UPCOMING DATES, LOCATION: 14th to 18th January 2019, Canberra ACT

  • GAMING FACILITIES: The program will be run from AFL ACT headquaters in Phillip, ACT. The main function space will be converted into a console gaming hub with all of the main console platforms and the most popular games available . The program is open to participants of all gaming abilities.

  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A principal focus of the program is to promote a balanced mindset towards gaming. We have teamed up with ALF ACT/NSW to provide a specially designed fitness session for 11-17 year olds. Run by AFL trainers, the session will include body weight resistance, team training, beginners base cardio and gamer specific stretching. The sessions seek to create a positive attitude towards physical activity, and while not being excessively demanding, will aim to introduce participants to relevant aspects of fitness, as well as to equip them with tools which they can later implement themselves.

  • TEAM BUILDING: Video Gaming and Esport can be a useful channel for developing positive social skills and team work. The Active Gamers program will run daily gaming sessions with a focus on team building. Participants will need to work together cohesively to achieve a common goal. The tailored fitness sessions will also have a team work element. The aim is to foster an inclusive, mutually supportive environment.

  • PRICES: 5 days: $450 , 3 days: $258, 2 days: $205



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